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I'm building a sauna as cheaply as possible, and the only item I won't be building myself is the heater. It will have regulated temperature.

mimemime 01/29/2017 at 17:130 Comments

Today I installed the temperature regulator. It wasn't that difficult, given that I dry-ran it first. I drilled holes around the square outline of the temperature regulator, and it popped right in. There is plenty of space for the countdown timer.

It's a bit of a mess now. There's no point tidying it up now, because some other components will still be added. But here's an idea of how it will work.

From the front the controller looks more businesslike, with the actual temperature in red, and the programmed temperature in green. A little green LED shows that the SSR is switched on.

Here are some preliminary temperature measurements:

TimeTemperature (degrees Celsius)
30 min45
60 min60
90 min60

I'd like the temperature to be a get a big higher than 60 degrees, 60 is already in the range to be useful as a sauna.



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Once I've cladded the door with cedar the temperature should get higher, because now there is a 1 cm gap all along the side of the door from which heat escapes.