Sanding, sanding, sanding (and mounting boards)

A project log for DIY electrically heated sauna

I'm building a sauna as cheaply as possible, and the only item I won't be building myself is the heater. It will have regulated temperature.

mimemime 01/31/2017 at 21:390 Comments

've started sanding. I've got a nice 1 KW Black & Decker belt sander. But boy, does it take long to sand boards! I wish I had a drum sander!!

But the grain of the wood comes out really nice: ( left bottom corner: unsanded, top right corner: sanded)

Cedar has really nice patterns.

I've started with the largest side wall:

I left 1 cm or so at the ceiling and the floor. The rough edge at the ceiling will be invisible once the ceiling panels are mounted.

It's a bit hard to see in the picture above, but the boards overlap in this pattern: _-_-_-_

I've started on the bench too, but ran out of day... So perhaps some more tomorrow.

In terms of surface area I've done perhaps 1/3rd, and it took me perhaps 5 hours. :S

I wish I had a drum sander!!