Section #2 & Swing Arm #2

A project log for Apollo Saturn V and LUT

This is a 1/60 scale model of the Saturn V and Launcher - Umbilical Tower. This model is huge! I have been working on it for two years.

wglasfordwglasford 11/23/2023 at 19:580 Comments

So far so good. The structure, flooring and elevator design has held up. Per a previous post I did some refinements on the stairs. Between levels 100-120 the cable trays that dropped down to a box needed to be shortened. The lights are looking good. I realized that from these levels up each level has 12 lights, not 13. The first two levels had a light over the stairs and I was continuing that. From now on I will only add 12 lights per level. Before I hang the ECS pipes under the level 120 floor I will need to add the ECS pipes to the outside of side 2.

The ECS pipes are in, including the two (E7 & E11) that go over towards Swing Arm #2. In the first picture you can see that it takes some doing to get things lined up before gluing. I only used 6 hanger brackets because of other various parts and wires in the way. I had some minor parts updates to get the pipes just right.

Section 2 of the tower is now complete except for Swing Arm #2. Notice the camera platform at level 100.

Swing Arm #2: The parts are designed and printed. Working on assembling them. Black wire is used to model the cabling. I still need to paint some flexible tubing and connect up the end, get the arm attached and attach the walkway.

Tower Section #2 and Swing Arm #2 Complete: The next removable section of the tower is complete. This completes right at 1/3 of the tower! The first stage of the rocket can now be fueled. The swinging arms are working well. This section added 5 cameras. All but the Side 1 photo have the lights on. I am happy with the lights. Swing Arm #2 is now published. Looking at the zoomed in pictures I just realized the walkway stairs to Swing Arm #2 are oriented incorrectly. Oh well. I will probably leave them this way. It would take quite a bit of work to remove and replace the walkway.