EXAR refused sample, no notification :( Dissolved != end of life, don't write me off :D

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Gintaras ValatkaGintaras Valatka 02/13/2017 at 03:490 Comments

Thought I will try sampling for the first time in life.., If I had spare money, I would just order it form online store for the next day delivery... and I did not have the adapters a few weeks ago, so I ordered a few dev kits.. (IC soldered to pcb with some headers)

I assumed sample order was confirmed, few weeks later, raised a ticket, to find out I was refused.

Doh! 2 weeks wasted, thank you EXAR, would have managed somehow to buy it myself had I known..

However EXAR did provide a contact, regarding XRA1405, if I had questions - but the support is not much of a use, if I have #no #chips..


The address is deliverable, you must be using the wrong database..

Anyone can find my address on the internet, so why hide it :D
Now anyone can send me #chips! No potatoes, silicon only please!

I thought I was good:

8th of February:

From now on, I don't really need dev kits for simple logic (but it would have been great and much more fun):

Sometimes I'd rather buy #chips than food :D, placed an order on Thursday for delivery on Friday, order was cancelled, my account did not stretch :D Some things will have to wait :D #no #chips #no #silicon :D I am very much alive and excited!, I am not dying :D