4x simultaneous or 16:4 IO

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Gintaras ValatkaGintaras Valatka 05/11/2017 at 07:380 Comments

The aim is simultaneous sampling.

NEED 4 SPEED: There is no need to retrieve the most recent value. To save time, get the previous value only, getting the current value on the next read,.. basically displaying everything one sample later & saving time...

Running of PCF8591 ADCs This allows to connect external oscillator to OSC pin, done by grounding EXT pin, allowing to sample in sync

ADC inputs 2, 3, 4 can also be time corrected (synced in postProcessing) to pin one, after knowing the offset timing, - giving synchronous 16 x 8bit inputs..

One could do 16 lane logic analysis too

Doing it in assembly on Arduino would be nice too, but that might not happen until faster ADCs. Faster acquisition options available too, like: Arduino Due & Zero, Raspberry Pi, ESP8266)

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