The end ... but for a better beginning

A project log for Answer or Die

The final challenge before you can escape of the room

aliaAélia 12/07/2023 at 10:370 Comments

19/10/2023 - 26/10/2023

The end..... after few discussions we decided to stop the project and to start a new one. Indeed, we weren't all agree about the direction of our project. Hopefully we got an other idea. In this team we all like escape game, in fact we are pretty good at it, so we decided to do a project that will go in an escape game.

One of us wanted to do a target and one of us wanted to do a screen touch with questions. And that is how our project was born : A screen touch that is activate when a digital touch in a target is activate, the screen will shows a bunch of questions about the theme of the escape game. It will be at the end of the escape game, in fact the last mission before you can escape.

We draws few plan

We end with this idea (sorry if there is few french word in it)

The target will be surrounded by a ring light. The ring light should lights up when the digital touch is activate. Then the screen touch should starts and begins to explain his purpose. The screen touch will display few questions that you have to answer by touching the screen (ex: 1 question 4 answers you have to choose the good one). During every question the ring light shows a timer, besides when the answer is correct it should turn green, and red for a wrong answer. We hope that we have time to do all of theses specificities.

After explaining our project to one of our teachers, he asks us what was our theme, but we didn't have any... he told us it was quite important, mainly for our questions. 

We decided that our theme will be Spy, secret mission,...