D1 Mini Breakout for an ST7735 Display

Just straightforward connections, to make it easier to slap a popular ST7735 module on top of a D1 Mini.

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There is a number of options you have for display shields for the D1 Mini: there is the nice OLED shield, there is a shield with a single WS1228B neopixel, there is the #D1 Mini Matrix Shield I'm still working on. But there is no high-resolution color display you could just slap on it. This "shield" doesn't really deserve the name, it's just a simple breakout board that connects the ST7735 display module with the SPI pins of the D1 Mini, and adds a trim pot for brightness control.

To save some pins, the CS pin is hardwired to GND, and the A0 pin is connected to MISO. That means you can't connect other SPI devices while this is in, but that's a rare enough case for me to care. It uses four GPIOs total, from GPIO12 to GPIO15. The backlight is connected to the 5V supply (to not strain the on-board 3V3 regulator) through a trim pot, so you can adjust brightness.

I used alternating holes for the module's header, so that with some luck you should be able to plug in the module directly, without soldering a female pin header there -- that should also save some space.


Fritzing PCB design file.

x-fritzing-fz - 174.33 kB - 01/11/2017 at 11:09


  • 1 × ST7735 1.44" 128x128 SPI module
  • 2 × 8-pin 2.54mm pitch male pin headers
  • 1 × PCB
  • 1 × 10kΩ trimpot

  • It is Done

    de∫hipu08/02/2017 at 10:10 3 comments

    I'm a little surprised that it works with so few parts – the PCB only adds a resistor for the backlight LED. But it does, and even the drivers didn't require modification (though the actual visible part of the display only starts at column 24, so I might need to tweak that).

    I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it, but I'm happy to have another display in my toolbox.

  • Honey, I Shrunk Our ST7735

    de∫hipu07/17/2017 at 16:29 2 comments

    I thought this would be one of the few projects that are finished and done and that's it. But of course I found another version of the ST7735 display, not in the form of a module, but a bare display, with resolution of 80×160 and diagonal of just 0.96", and of course it fits perfectly on the D1 Mini shield, so I just have to do it. Here's a mockup, using a PCB for a different shield:

    The display is SPI, of course. The PCB has been ordered already (I waited for the display to arrive to make sure I get the dimensions right), so the project should continue in a few weeks.

  • Done.

    de∫hipu01/25/2017 at 11:52 0 comments

    So the PCB arrived, I assembled the thing (putting a THT resistor in place of the trimmer, because I didn't have any), and what do you think, it works!

    You can get the PCB from OSHPark here:

    You have to make sure to get the right ST7735 module -- the one with 128x128 pixels, 1.44" screen and the A0 pin.

    I used the Adafruit RGB Display library from here:

    The code I used is:

    from machine import Pin, SPI
    import st7735
    import rgb
    display = st7735.ST7735(SPI(1), dc=Pin(12), cs=rgb.DummyPin(), rst=Pin(15))

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de∫hipu wrote 02/17/2018 at 16:51 point

If you spent as much as 20 seconds actually looking at my PCB, you would easily notice that it's impossible to make with your crappy "printer". Also, I reported you for spam. Have a nice day.

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