[M] First concept design

A project log for Tetinerary [gd0151]

A head's up display specifically for displaying my itenerary.

kelvinakelvinA 12/21/2023 at 22:370 Comments

I want a design that looked like this:

but more importantly, I just wanted something that I could use as the cover image for this project. Here is my modelling process:

This is the basic design of the HMD module.
I modelled the hat by non-uniformly scaling a hemisphere. Then I needed to join the 2 parts together. The simplest is a cylinder, but I already suspected that it wouldn't look that great and modelling it just confirmed it.
A chamfered block was better, but I thought I could improve further with a semi-transparent design.
This is the diamond square mesh design I tried. I may also try overlaid brackets (as seen in my logo).
Then I moved the hat down. I'm actually suprised how hat-like the grey part looks, despite me just quickly throwing something together.
Next, I tried some colour variations to add a bit of highlight.
The green part slightly cuts past the grey part, but I thought it could add a bit of vibrance to break up the otherwise featureless cap.

Lastly, I increased the reflectivity of the mannequin to extract more detail. The result are these two render images:

I think the conceptual idea to have 2 freeform optics looks a tad clunky, and the hat looks a bit like a cyclist helmet from the front, but a sacrifice I'm willing to take to not have my vision interrupted by the frames and stems of glasses for 15+ hours a day, 7 days a week.