FluidNC laser control board

A project log for Retrofitting an old laser engraver

An attempt to revive an almost dead Trotec laser engraver

jp-gleyzesJP Gleyzes 01/10/2024 at 15:110 Comments


My new control board will look too much simple compared to the old one.

Based on an ESP32 it cannot be more simple!

Schematic is self explainatory. This board is mainly an IO board allowing:

All the power of this board is in its firmware. I will use the excellent FluidNC solution


PCB was easy to route! It is available on PCBWay shared projects:

PCBWay kindly sponsored this project. The board once solder is compact (5x5 cm) on which you have to add the relays board.

This board uses optocouplers on the input stage. It is particularly safe to control 220V loads. I power it with 5V but can control the inputs with 3.3V IOs coming from the ESP32.

Once soldered the board remains very compact and can be fixed using this 3D printed support.