Time Scale

Building a 24 hour clock from a kitchen scale and some spare parts.

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I had this kitchen scale. It was off. The spring used for the scaling tension (or what it’s called) was out of calibration. Actually seemed bend, or whatever it’s called when it’s a spring.

I like the way the scale looked though. I wanted to use it for something, but what? A scale is an indicator after all. And while indicators are cool; what do I need to indicate at home?

Well.. I’ve always had a soft spot for those analog “24-hours” clocks. Those with 24 segments around it’s face, 1 hand and running at half speed. The way they force one to not focus on the exact time or even just minutes.

So let’s build a clock!

The only thing missing now, is the face. And that's almost done, too.

I have written a bit more about it on my blog:
  • 1 × ESP8266 Any MCU with either RTC or internet access can be used.
  • 1 × 28byj-48 stepper motor with driver board Could probably use any stepper motor.
  • 1 × Kitchen scale Or what ever you want to make a clock out of.
  • 1 × Fistfull of components from the parts bin A capacitor, a power plug and some wires.

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