GitHub Repository Created

A project log for OpenIR - Infrared Remote Control

Open source universal infrared remote control based upon the STM8S microcontroller with oooodles of connectivity options.

NevynNevyn 08/10/2014 at 08:320 Comments

Today has seen the creation of a Github repository for the hardware design files and the source code for this project.

The hardware has been designed using DesignSpark's free PCB design tools.  This is a great little tool and is free to download and use.  The tool has a large number of component models including some 3D models for the components.  If a component is not available as a model then you can create a new part easily.  I prefer this tool to may of the alternatives as it is the most Windows like PCB editing tool available and best of all it's FREE!

Source code will start appearing over the next few days.  Initially the development will focus on the STM8S as this is key to the endeavour.

I have also posted links to several of the tools which are required in order to build the hardware and software in this project.  You can find these in the links section of the project.