End to End Latency - ~300-500µs

A project log for Nyan Keys - FPGA Based Mechanical Keyboard

Using an FPGA to further reduce input latency, coupled with an overkill MCU, and a dash of USB 2.0 HS. Nothing beats the cats nyan.

portlandhodlPortland.HODL 12/10/2023 at 22:020 Comments

So one of the questions that keeps coming up is what is the end to end latency of this board. Well being up front I don't have the same level of tech that  Rtings has. What I did decide to do was use my Saleae Logic Analyzer to capture the state of the stop capture key and the time until the capture stops once I press that key. The results still blow even the fastest keyboards out of the water at ~300-500us time between the logic level of the switch changing and the actual capture stop. These results include all delays including OS, USB Stack, and application.

Here is an example of the total time between pressing the stop key and the capture actually ending with just a 502us delay. 

This test is not perfect as there would be additional delays introduced by the application itself but at the end of the day the results are so much better than what is offered by anyone else. I won't worry about small details. 

Overall results like this should cement Nyan Keys as the lowest latency keyboard right now.