• December 25th 2023: It's too heavy

    Swaleh Owais12/25/2023 at 15:16 0 comments

    Someone is lying....

    Or I'm just interpreting facts incorrectly 😷

    According to the spec sheet for the motor, my setup should be generating a max of 825g. However, as seen with my mock test stand, I am only able to generate up to 290g.

    Therefore, as shown with the assembled drone, it's too heavy to fly.

    At first, I thought the lack of thrust on the drone was due to poor positioning of the motors on the drone. However, as shown with the test stand video, my raw naked motor by itself is also generating little thrust. Therefore, I think the issue is caused by not enough current going into the motor.

    ELECTRONICS! They strike aGaIN :(

  • December 12th 2023: First Prototype

    Swaleh Owais12/12/2023 at 09:53 0 comments

    Here is a prototype based off the initial CAD mockup. It was actually rather difficult to full assembly so I may need to make some changes to the connector pieces so they are easier to attach. Also, the chassis is weak to torsional loads so I may need to add some truss bracing.

  • December 7th 2023: First CAD Mockup

    Swaleh Owais12/07/2023 at 12:56 0 comments

    First mockup of the omnidirectioonal drone. Since the drone will be flying indoors, I put special effort to ensure all of the props are shielded. The drone weights ~850g and has a max thrust of 3.5kg.