Received the assembled boards today

A project log for VL53L0X board with JST-SH connector

A distance sensor using LASER!

Martin PålssonMartin Pålsson 01/31/2017 at 09:000 Comments

Went to the post office to retrieve them this morning. At a first glance they look just right. Now I must wait for my JST-SH 6 cables to arrive from China, if it wasn't for their new years celebration I'm sure I would have received them already. I should update the board with test pads on the back.

I ordered the assembly through PCB:NG. They, like OSH Park, only offer one color of the solder mask, PCB:NG only offers red. At first, I thought their soldermask color would have been close to the red they use on their webpage, but in reality it is slightly darker. It looks more awsome, actually. I don't know if this is the way it is, or if it's perhaps a color mixing thing.

I can now see that the width of the board can be a bit narrower, this will also go into the next version of the board.