I am left-handed, and I work with the computer a lot. I do some gaming as well, but no FPS, just some strategy games!

This is why is a couple of years that I switched to ergonomic mice. They are the best! I don't need anything fancy sensor-wise, but I have some basic features requirement:

- My mouse needs to be wireless, but no removable batteries! Only rechargeable

- Of course, needs to be left-handed

Since the world is made for right handed people, this combination of features turns out to be quite expensive!

You will understand my sorrow when last week my faithful mouse fell from the desk, and the scroll wheel broke. Buying a new one is to me unacceptable! I don't want to spend 50$ for a mediocre sensors, just because of a broken piece of plastic. I want to make my own ergonomic mouse, that I can open, repair, maybe modify!

I have looked online for DIY mice, but almost all are focused on gaming, and of course right-handed. It will be fun to make my own!

YADM will be an ergonomic mouse. The 3D printed casing will come in both right and left handed versions. Open source code and open source models will allow for future modifications.

It will be a lot of fun! Maybe I will manage to end up spending only double of what buying a new mouse would have cost me :D