+ IKEA cabinets have worked out awesome for me. If I setup another shop again this would be one of the first things that I bought, the only thing I would change is more drawers. The drawers are awesome, and they are full extend, and they are a good depth to hold all sorts of stuff. The doors allow me to put bigger stuff down there, but accessing the back of the cabinets isn't easy. The cabinets are a modular design, so I can always go and buy more drawers.

 + IKEA laminate white counter tops. They were cheap and make a great work surface that you can cleanup. When working with electronics and circuit boards, it is nice to have the white background when having a little 1206 resistor fling out of a package. I would do these again.

+ Sherwin Williams floor paint - just okay. I wish I had an expoxy floor, but the cost of the floor paint was around $50 and has held up okay for 8 year now. I need to recoat the floor. If I had a choice between an expoxy floor and a new tool, I would buy new tools, and live with the paint. Having the floor painted makes it easier to clean up stuff that spills, and sweep. A solid color is key, because if you have the flaked floors, you can never find anything once it drops. 

+ Husky work tables that are adjustable height from Home Depot are one of the wonders of the world. They are absolutely awesome for the cost. I really like being able to adjust the height, and to wheel them around to setup a workspace for whatever I am working on. I own 3, because I gave one to my wife at work as a standing test. They work great for computer tables.

+ X1 Sieg micro mill - a pile of junk, but I really have made a ton of stuff with this thing for little to no investment.  I would rather have a PM-728VT mill with a CNC kit, but that is going to run me $5K, I only have $200-$300 in this thing and have made a ton of parts. The cost of the 728VT would exceed the cost of all the tools in my shop combined.

+ Little Lathe - also nothing special, but is awesome. The reason being is that this little lathe far exceeds having no lathe at all. It cuts aluminum to make shafts to go into my projects and I love it. 

+ 3D printers - I have four right now with a 5th on the way.  Biggest regret ever, is not realizing just how impactful 3D printing is. It really changes what you can produce in your shop in a big way.  I wish I would have got them sooner. Most of my work is done on CR10-mini from creality. 

+ LED lights - I started with fluorescent bulbs, what a mistake. Just go LED right out of the gate. The reason being is that ballast were getting bad, bulbs were burning out, and then I have all this stuff that I have to recycle as special waste. 

+ Adjustable shelves - They can actually get a bit spendy, the brackets and supports add up, but worth the cost. 

+ Paint color - Wanted something bright, so I went orange, and I thought wow that is bright. I painted one wall grey to help tone it back a little.  I really enjoy the bright space, it helps make it feel warm, and creative.  

+ Window - The window really makes a difference as well, as it helps with natural light, but also offers the ability to open it up to let in air after you smoke a circuit.