low cost open outdoor sensor node

low cost sensor node project I am exploring to contribute data to the Things Network and eventually to city Open Data portal.

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I am building a prototype sensor node using several cheap calibrated sensors. This is not meant to be a weather station, but more of an outdoor air environment monitor, which logs data from a large area.

My personal goal is to learn about long range radio communication, sensors and what it takes to make them reliable in an outdoor environment.

My short term goal is to experiment with a few sensors and identify which are stable and reliable. Then attach my LoraWan node outside in my backyard and report data through my single channel gateway to the Thing Network.

My long term goal would be to build 5 nodes that report data over a longer distance to a gateway mounted on my roof. Then data would also be sent to the my own backend data store.

My hopes are that this network would grow throughout my city. The data collected from the sensors would be archived at regular intervals and made available in the open city data portal.
  • 1 × Arduino Pro Mini 3.3v
  • 1 × RFM95W LoraWan radio
  • 1 × SenseAir K30 CO2 sensor Serial CO2
  • 1 × MH-Z14A CO2 sensor
  • 1 × BH1750 light sensor board

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