Switch Stopped Working

A project log for RF Outlet to Light Switch Hack 2.0

Convert an off the shelf RF control outlet into a RF light switch.

Eric MoyerEric Moyer 09/12/2017 at 06:450 Comments

About two weeks ago this project stopped working.  More specifically the lights of the room were off and when I went to turn them on only the LED switch lit up but no typical "click" from the relay to turn on the overhead lights.  I cycled the button a few times and once that didn't work I quickly shut off the breaker and removed the malfunctioning switch.  It did not trip the breaker so I suspect maybe the relay is bad.  I have yet to open the enclosure to troubleshoot since I have to fabricate a simple bench set-up to go through all the modes of failure.  My original style RF light switch hack is still working in a few other rooms for almost two years now without a single issue.

I will post my findings once I can dedicate time to the root cause.