CrashSpace BigButton

Button to update "we're open" page with ESP8266 + WS2812 w/ Othermill

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At CrashSpace we have a publicly-viewable “sign” at to let members know when the space is open. This sign page is updated by a big button in the front room. Press it, the sign page updates, and you’ve promised to be in the space for an hour.

But last month, the button broke. So I made a new one based on an ESP8266 WiFi module, WS2812/Neopixel LEDs, and a custom PCB fabbed on an Othermill. Schematics, PCB & firmware at:

  • 1 × Wemos D1 Mini ESP8266 board
  • 12 × WS2812B 5050 SMD LED
  • 1 × button
  • 1 × tap light

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