New board features

A project log for Re-UD-80 - a larger display for Epson PX-4 / PX-8

The vintage Epson PX-4 and PX-8 computers have small LCD screens, with low contrast. This device fixes that problem.

fjkraanfjkraan 01/10/2024 at 09:180 Comments


Most connectors are in, and they seem to fit the footprints. The routing in KiCAD is also done and the files are sent for board manufacturing. It didn't seem easy to cram all components into 10x10cm, for the extra cheap production costs. So I settle for just cheap (less than $8 for 5 boards, instead of less than $2). S

These are the features of the new board:

Some (blinking) LEDs for power and serial line activity. Push buttons for FILINK mode and RESET. 

When the board is ready a 3D-printed box will be designed (like the Pro Micro version of PFFBDK,