• Let's Go !!!

    AVR01/22/2024 at 19:25 0 comments

    Hey folks !! Starting this project to accomplish a number of things but the main focus is to learn ROS2 and building robotics systems using ROS2 but you know its got my usual roundabout extra challenging approach of having a few other projects within it!! Lets get an overview of what that means:

    - Building a 3D Printable SCARA Robot, the one found here: https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/gadget/scara-robot-arm

    - Designing a PCB that can interface with quadrature encoders (using Stepper motors that have them for the arm)
    - Writing a custom firmware to control the robot that models the SCARA using dh Parameters and computes forward and inverse kinematics on the metal. Firmware written in Arduino/C++ .
    - Interfacing that custom firmware with ROS2

    - Using ROS2 to control the SCARA as a peripheral form a Laptop w/ Nvidia GPU , using a automation camera to sort objects by color, size and shape. Focusing on using as many off the shelf ROS2 packages as possible with some custom ones.

    To get things started I'm building the SCARA as it was originally designed with one slight modification: Stepper motors with encoders for closed loop control. So far I have 3D Printed all the parts taking about 150 hours of printing, everything printed at 0.2mm layer height with various infill percentages based on what part out of PETG plastic. Over the last week I've started assembling it and Its about 50% of the way there before I realized I need more parts that weren't mentioned int he guide, there is no BOM for this model so I've been putting one together and it will be released once I know its complete. There are also some issues here and there with the design that I've been correcting, like the gripper needs some cut outs to make assembly easier, notably for screw insertion so I've been modifying models and printing them again for that.  Anyways here's what I've got done so far !! More to follow!