Running it on another emulator

A project log for One kilobyte Tiny BASIC for the 8080 and Z80

BASIC for the 8080 and Z80, fits in 1K of memory, runs BASIC games on a 2K system. Features similar to Palo Alto Tiny BASIC.

willstevenswill.stevens 03/01/2024 at 15:200 Comments

I recently came across a nice online 8080 emulator written by Stefan Tramm on which I can run 1K Tiny BASIC. Up until now, I have only run it on my phone, on my own emulator written in python. It’s good to see it running on a different emulator. The emulator is here:

I could not get all of the features of this comprehensive emulator running in my browser, but I did find out how to load a hex file from my PC into the emulator by dragging and dropping into the browser window, then reading it with ‘r ptr:’

I need to make a change to 1K Tiny BASIC : currently I have used CR as newline, but this emulator requires the sequence CRLF. This change will cost 3 bytes.

Stefan Tramm has included a version of Palo Alto Tiny BASIC with his emulator.