Log #06: Other keypoints

A project log for lalelu_drums

Gesture controlled percussion based on markerless human-pose estimation with an AI network from a live video.

lars-friedrichLars Friedrich 05/28/2024 at 20:280 Comments

In the demo videos so far, I almost exclusively used the LEFT_WRIST and RIGHT_WRIST keypoints. In this log entry, I present an example using other keypoints. The option to use keypoints following different parts of the body extends the possibilities of lalelu_drums beyond those of 'air drumming' solutions that rely on tracking drumsticks or similar devices (e. g. Pocket Drum II).

Video 1: The bad touch

In this example, base and snare are controlled by a virtual kepoint that I call  'Svadhisthana', which is the middle position between LEFT_HIP and RIGHT_HIP.

Four chords are triggered from the movements of LEFT_ELBOW and RIGHT_ELBOW.