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CPLD-flavored VGA Video card

PKPK 08/03/2014 at 19:290 Comments

One of my first video projects (other than the hinted-at SPI screens from my introduction video) was getting 640x480 VGA out of an Arduino by addressing 2 pixels per clock cycle.  All work and no play makes PK a dull man, so while I was placing a parts order for VGAtonic I ordered a few F-class 74 logic chips to clean up that project a bit - we're down to an Arduino and 3 pieces of external silicon (well, and a temporary serial input if you want to program it from your Arduino IDE).

My original post:

Hackaday's coverage:

The new BOM: 470 ohm resistors for Red/Green/Blue, 68 ohm resistors for Hsync/Vsync plus:

* Some serial input (That's an FTDI breakout in the picture)
* Arduino Pro Mini
* 74LS04P
* 74F86N
* 74F257N

Here's how it looks on a breadboard:

And here's the updated schematic:

Now, back to your regularly scheduled non-hacky project, VGAtonic - I'll be recording a video with the newest update.