Ticking the Prize Boxes (and the System Design Document)

A project log for VGAtonic

CPLD-flavored VGA Video card

PKPK 08/20/2014 at 03:590 Comments

I'm trying to tick off all the boxes before the Hackaday Prize deadline tomorrow - you should be able to find sample code in VGAtonic's git repo (license: MIT), an introduction video, a prototype video (VGA/NTSC), some pictures, and a BOM. 

The connectedness portion of the project comes from two directions:

The one thing I think I'm lacking is an overall design document, so I drew something up with my "I'm-usually-typing-not-writing" penmanship:

Really, it's not that complicated of a document - I've mostly been a software guy in industry, so my magic, if I actually have any, comes in the code.

"Hardware without software just generates heat." - Doug Fisher

I won't tease it too much tonight, but I've got something else for you folks before the entry deadline - stay tuned, and thanks for following!