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A project log for raspberry pi zero handheld computer

Since rpi zero is unobtainum, I got a few.

jaromir.sukubajaromir.sukuba 07/24/2017 at 11:590 Comments

As I wrote in FAQ - if you need to ask what is this project for, you probably don't need it. I build it for my own enjoyment during design and build, as well as machine to allow me to better learn programming/scripting languages (and to listen to my favorite tunes while doing so) and as ultimate nerd status symbol to carry around.

What about browsing hackaday on lynx?

Chromium works here too, but due to small display it isn't very enjoyable to use.
With SDCC and stm8flash I can edit, build and upload firmware on STM8 targets

or on arduino platform

I believe STM32 targets should work too, as well as PIC devices, using my programmer. Here you can see nano editor, editing my code to talk with STM32L011 MCU onboard, reporting battery voltage.

Oh and don't forget to backups. Here is my take on SD card backup system.