Pomelo Core v1

A project log for Pomelo: Gamma Spectroscopy Module

A complete low-power gamma ray spectrometer that can be used by itself or integrated into other projects

mihaicuciucmihai.cuciuc 05/23/2024 at 04:540 Comments

This contains all the functionality to do gamma spectroscopy and nothing more

I'm planning on producing something that looks more similar to other gamma detectors, like the excellent products that are already out there: the Radiacode, the Kromek Sigma25, or the CapeScint CsI-MacroPixel-MCA. To shift towards that I merged the digital and analog electronics into a single PCB, removing the battery and charging circuit, as these are not core to the functionality of the detector. The detector now consists of two parts:

Pomelo Physics:

Pomelo Core:

Pomelo Physics. Scintillator and SiPM detachable module

Back of Pomelo Core PCB