• Youtube edit

    mosaicmerc01/19/2017 at 04:27 0 comments

    Ok, did up a quick demo with bullet points and a backing track...for a 30 second video byte.

  • Why Do it?

    mosaicmerc01/16/2017 at 00:11 0 comments

    Well, there's always a better way when there's emerging technology becoming mainstream. The Internet of Things modules are cheap and widely available and allow us to do more with less than ever before when it comes to WiFi and sensors and connectivity.

    This project is a bit of a hybrid, it leverages ESP12 IoT modules but also uses 8 bit Microchip front end processing to manage the ESP12 in a very precise manner using assembler language in order to optimize the energy consumption of the ESP12 by literally cutting all power to it when it is not required.

    We have integrated photocell capability off the analog to digital converter and timer capability as well, plus battery backup for a real time clock to 20ppm accuracy.

    12VDC is the standard voltage used so this is compatible & deployable in any country.

    We are working on a App for doing synchronized sequences in a graphical interface and durability testing etc.

    For portability the system outstrips others with just a 2.75" square form factor for 8 independent Channels, each capable of 60W of lighting or 100 piece LED strings! It's so small it can fit INSIDE a sign - simplifying in shop testing....no more signal wiring required at your home or a client.

    The concept development brought together Electronic Design, Assembly language programming, C language programming, internet TCP/IP, DHCP etc as well as fabrication of prototypes, dual processor interfacing, design of laser cut housings and some weather seal spray painted enamel.