Kick-off reverse-engineering and publishing my Z88 Tribute

A project log for Z88 Tribute Computer

In honour of Sir Clive Sinclair here is my 2023 version of his great Z88. I hope he would approve.

the-lab-guyThe Lab Guy 01/30/2024 at 12:510 Comments

I built most of this project in 2022, just picking up and dropping off as I could.

The only real design choice was that the finished article should look and feel as much like the Z88 as I can manage, but use modern hardware, software and communications.

For those who don't know the Z88, it was clean, simple and fluid to use and ran on four(?) AA cells. Yet, you could run a business with one using only the built-in apps and serial printer, if you wanted to.

That's a far cry from the heavyweight applications and OSes we have today, with user interfaces that expect extreme graphics and power-hungry hardware.

So, although I created the project a few days beforehand, today I took some photos (the very first photos I have ever taken of this project BTW!) and have proceeded to upload ed them to the project page.

Next, I am going to start taking the system apart and photographing and writing up how each subsection was built, configured, connected, etc., extracting the parts list and producing detailed instructions on how to build your own, if you wish.