A project log for Delta Printer - Capacitive Nozzle Probe

Test accuracy and consistency improvements of a capacitive bed probe triggered by contact with nozzle.

mulcmumulcmu 03/09/2024 at 17:330 Comments

Took a bit of a break to use printer for making stuff..

After reinstalling probe there seemed to be a regression in performance.  Initial testing started using glass plate on top of the magnetic PEI to make sure bed surface was planar as  possible for testing some calibration ideas.  Center probed okay with higher variance between probe, edge probes were very noisy and triggered the probe consistency limit.  Went through some troubleshooting to figure out root cause.  Cleaned nozzle better, cleaned foil, cleaned bed, tried without glass plate, double checked all connections to the ESP, removed sock...  Variance still persisted.  Tried probe with a new piece of foil on top of the existing foil.  There was marking under the nozzle location but no remotely concerning damage.  Anyway the extra foil seemed to get probe performing like it was previously.  Not sure if any of the other actions were necessary too.  So still prototype is still pretty fiddly at this stage but at least there wasn't a significant difference between results probing on PEI spring steel and glass plate.