Robotart Competition

A project log for Portrait Painter

An autonomous robot for paint portrait with oils.

jvsalatinojvsalatino 04/20/2018 at 13:400 Comments

Hello, I wanted to tell you that this project is participating in this contest: and I wanted to ask you if you can vote for my portraits. You can vote through Facebook. I have sent 4 portraits and you have to vote individually and you can give up to 3 votes each. In this concussion I am competing with universities and even with the M.I.T. Beyond winning, being in this type of events helps my project a lot, so if you can give it a little diffusion it would be fantastic. In the attached image are the four portraits sent. In the link you can see a little the history of each one and a video of its execution. Share it with everyone you want. Thank you very much. Vote for me !!!!