Step 4 - Code cleanup and more

A project log for KS Zigbee Gateway

My own Zigbee Gateway with speaker output for realtime audio notifications, with MQTT support and more

h4rdc0derh4rdc0der 02/22/2024 at 21:040 Comments

Recently I have been mainly involved in firmware development.

I've introduced few smart tricks:

I have also improved some things in the framework.

The other thing I managed to achieve is OTA Zigbee Gateway Firmware update, which turned out to be simple to integrate into the Elelabs Flasher (added raw mode for flash and serial over LAN).

 Now the firmware update is really simple:

  1. The user starts the device portal.
  2. After logging in, zb-bootloader command is issues by the user on the terminal tab.
  3. The user starts python script to flash the .gbl file via xmodem protocol (uart over network)
  4. The module is restarted using zb-reboot terminal command.

I have also managed to properly setup MFG tokens, so the device is properly displayed on HA subpage.