The hardware design is taking shape

A project log for Desktop Thermometer

A simple desktop thermometer using a TMP36/TMP37, small microcontroller and LED display

thebrokenengineerTheBrokenEngineer 02/06/2024 at 01:270 Comments

So have updated the source repository to include the hardware design and the rough layout for the board. None of this has been bread boarded yet so all untested but as they say, what could possibly go wrong?

There are two variants of the hardware, one for the old style USB-2 standard which means the connector is hand solderable. The second is for the newer USB-C. This unfortunately does use a SMD connector as I could not find a USB-C connector that was through hole. The up side is that the number of pins on the connector is kept to a minimum to make hand soldering a little easier for those without a hot air gun.