Getting the Jetson Nano to run

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christian-koschmiederChristian Koschmieder 02/25/2024 at 21:490 Comments

Turns out, that getting an old Jetson Nano 2GB Dev Kit might not have been the smartest idea. There are still tutorials and how-tos out there, but it seems the image for the SD Card following nvidia's quick setup guide is not working correctly. Or at least for me it's not.

I followed the instructions found on nvidia's getting started page, just to be greeted with an error message on the first boot, saying that something went wrong (nope, no further explanation or logs to be found, yet) and that the system will now restart in a special mode so i could log in and examine the problem. Except that I do not have the credentials to log into said system.

I tried reflashing the SD Card twice on another notebook, because my stationary PC is quite old, does not have a built-in SD Card reader and the only reader i have lying around for USB 2.0 (because I do not have Type-C connectors on it) is a very cheap one I don't really trust. Same results.

Funny thing: After writing the image to the SD Card i could no longer use it with the cheap reader on my PC, because it would just spam Windows with new devices, which in turn Windows warned me needed to be formatted in order to be used.

So I will have to figure out what's wrong there, maybe try another image with just JetPack on it.

But I didn't have anymore time because I was leaving for a few days to visit relatives in the UK.

BTW: This is the SD Card I'm using. I got two of them, so if it turns out to be a problem with the card, i have a spare one.