The youtube playlist and my photo album

A project log for The Tile Job

Adventures of a software guy doing his first bathroom tile re-do.

wjcarpenterWJCarpenter 02/18/2024 at 22:010 Comments

I don't know how many videos about tiling I have watched over the last few months, but I'm sure it's more than a hundred. When I viewed one that I thought was particularly noteworthy, for one reason or another, I added it to a youtube playlist. Sometimes it was for a particular technique or bit of advice that I wanted to be able to review, and sometimes it was just because I thought a video was particularly well-done. My playlist is not annotated, so you can't tell from looking at it why any specific one made the list. 

I'm sharing it for what it's worth. The playlist will probably grow a little bit more while I'm completing the job. Here it is:

BTW, even for videos that didn't make the list, if I thought they were useful or well-done, I gave them a thumbs-up in appreciation of the creators having made them. Except for truly horrible or misleading videos, I don't know why anyone ever gives a thumbs-down, but it seems some people do.

I have a lot of photos scattered throughout the projects logs because this series is where I am keeping my own records for future reference (by me or some future homeowner). Those photos are a subset of shots I've taken. For completeness, my entire collection is in this Google Photos album: