On the level

A project log for The Tile Job

Adventures of a software guy doing his first bathroom tile re-do.

wjcarpenterWJCarpenter 02/23/2024 at 01:200 Comments

I caught a break on one part of the job. I know how important it is to start tiling with a level first row and adapting for out-of-level tub tops. Many videos have assured me that an existing tub is never level, and I will have to make adjustments. Well, according to my laser level, my tub top is level. The back edge and right-hand end are completely level. The left-hand end is about 1/16 inch or less out of level across the whole dimension. I think that's probably within my own workmanship tolerance anyhow. Instead of trimming tiles on that first row to account for that, I'll just make the tile level and have a very slightly wider caulk line on that end.

Some days, you get the bear.

On the other hand, only most of the studs are plumb and in alignment. One of them is slightly recessed by maybe 3/32 inches. I'll build that up before I put in the backer boards. I was planning to use some of those cardboard strips that are made for just this purpose, but to get them right away I'd have to buy a package of 100. They don't cost much, but it seems so wasteful when I'll only use 2 or 3. Instead, I bought some self-adhesive drywall mesh tape. I'm going to see how well that goes in building up layers on that stud.

Update: When I measured plumb again, it was a bit more than I was thinking from the first time around. (Hey, measure twice!) So, I opted to buy the 100 cardboard strips. I only used about 10 of them across two different studs. You'll see both studs in a corner in a photo in a later project log.  I'll just keep the other 90 or so until the end of time.