Chip-8 in golang & RAM usage

A project log for Tjipp8 - A Chip-8 game console

A low part count PIC16F1705 game console for the ancient (1970's) Chip-8 bytecode interpreters originally run at the Cosmac 1802.

matsengmatseng 01/20/2017 at 04:520 Comments

I got a tip of a nice Chip-8 emulator written in golang ...

The PIC16 I'm using here only have 1k ram whereof 256 is used for the video buffer and the chip-8 specs calls for 4k memory. So my chip8 games have to live in flash instead, but nany of the old games use some of the ram/memory to store data in which wouldn't work too well when flash memory is used. ;-)

So I think I'll take this golang project and hack it to show which areas of the memory the games are using for read/write data storage so I can "overlay" my remaining 0.5k ram over the flash in a proper location in the memory space in order to at least get some of the old games working....