Testing Resin-based 3D Printed Case

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aldwinAldwin 03/02/2024 at 04:550 Comments

Since owning a resin 3D printer need more space and proper ventilation, I opted to use a 3D Printer service to print the case. The resin-based 3D Printed case uses PCBWay's 3D Printed service ( this part of the project was not sponsored ). The material I use here is calle

Resin Standard white material (UTR 8360), with use matte-white as colour. Total cost was 37.35 without shipping, detail cost as follow:

This my first time having a Resin-based 3D prints and overall I like it.

Top Case

The top case looks really good, especially the rounded slope near the solar cell feels and looks really good. I did notice some printed bed artifacts around the screen area ( likely that's the area where it touches the build plate? ). I also notice sanding artifacts, which I think comes from the post-process in their 3D Print services. Compared to FDM case, I'll take this resin case anyday.

Bottom Case

Most likely because of the thinness of the case, it cause the resin-case to looks a little bit translucent, but the hole for the BME688 looks great and smooth. I also see a sanding artifacts here.

Side View

The USB port looks great! Definitely a 100% improvement compared to the FDM case


In conclusion, I think resin-based case is awesome for small compact IoT project and it's definitely looks great compared to FDM. The fit those feels different and I would need to tweak the model so that it fits perfectly on the device