Modular Pi Cam

A Raspberry Pi based camera that can swap body parts and camera modules

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This started out as just me wanting to try round displays and the 5D directional pad... but as I worked on the project I realized the body could be modular eg. swap the camera module/front plate or back plate.

The software used by the Modular Pi Cam 2 (mpi cam 2) is mostly the same as the Pi Zero HQ cam with some upgrades like different display and detecting camera.

  • It's not segfault it's not segfault ohhhh....

    Jacob David C Cunningham6 days ago 0 comments

    yeah... been getting this lately

    I think it's pyaudio but haven't pinned down the reason

    I went to a nice park as a result of the local one being closed, it was a great decision that place is way bigger though farther away but still not a bad drive

    Today was an amazing day at a park I hadn't been to before, I can feel my arms still burning ha I was in the sun for so long

    The segfault stuff kept happening but the systemd service would restart itself and the video/audio merge in general was fine

  • This camera runs ffmpeg

    Jacob David C Cunningham7 days ago 0 comments

    Few USB-related updates

    Finally... don't have to sync external mics

    Supports USB mic (at least 1, Lavalier) audio merged into mp4 video from h264

    Also added mass storage transfer (don't have to use SFTP eg. FileZilla)

    And with Delete All Files again don't have to SSH into it to remove files

    Videos and PRs

  • Arducam 8-50mm and future video camera

    Jacob David C Cunningham05/20/2024 at 17:14 0 comments

    The ml-hat-cam's gearing was beefy, so I gotta make it smaller, control all rings (3) and add linear stabilization (x-y).

    It'll be hard because the cantilevered load (heavy lens/steppers)

  • 16mm day out at park and feature dev

    Jacob David C Cunningham05/15/2024 at 04:29 0 comments

    I'm starting to envision the next stage as I use this camera more and more

    More cameras...

    For some reason the color yellow... is in my mind

    And a flip display/camcorder style plus sliding rail stabilizer for the lens so videos look better... may make more sense to have an outside/full body gimbal but still. Because the sensor one also has to hold up lenses attached to it.

    Oh yeah the other thing is small steppers that autofocus the lens. I've done some work with that (laplace).

  • Arducam 35mm

    Jacob David C Cunningham05/12/2024 at 02:57 0 comments

    I need to do some kind of stabilization in the future, the 1080P video is pretty usable

    The vibration is brutal particularly on the higher mm lens

  • Lot of sample footage 1080P 30FPS 5mm 12mm 35mm CCTV lenses

    Jacob David C Cunningham05/08/2024 at 00:43 0 comments

    Really like this shot mmm

    There were a lot of snakes out I saw at least 4

  • Video Record Live View

    Jacob David C Cunningham05/07/2024 at 01:14 0 comments

    Idk what to call this but it's what cameras normally have ha, where you can see what you're recording.

  • Another day out

    Jacob David C Cunningham04/17/2024 at 20:03 0 comments

    I got some better shots

    I have some code in progress now, not sure if I'll get it done today/soon.

    Will address:

    - USB file transfer (no wifi network needed eg. sftp)

    - delete all camera/video files from menu choice

    - reset battery from menu choice (vs. current percentage check)

  • A camera is a camera...

    Jacob David C Cunningham04/14/2024 at 01:25 0 comments

    So I went out and used this thing as I normally would with any other camera (Nex 5n, A7 II or A7R III). I'm not a professional photographer, I just like going to the park and shooting macro.

    Can see I shot 72 images or tried to some failed.

    Today was spurred on by my investigation/comparison of two 16mm telephoto (blue ring) lenses to see if I got a bad batch (first one) or if this is how they are (bad bokeh/highlight at low aperture).

    As far as how many I consider good/came out... let's see.

    I also want to note, the auto light/color balance was not good sometimes... if I was looking towards the sun it would get so dark all the colors would be lost eg. green grass. Which I know that is a thing but still.

    First impressions of photos...

    F1.8 is pretty soft for some reason, 2.8 is good

    Bee midflight

    1.4 or that area blooming?

    Heron on a tree, I didn't have the reach sadly

    This one's cool

    This one's nice


    The issue is not as prominent here so I think this lens is better

    Last pic

    Here's a bonus video

    I shoot these blind (no live preview) because I have to figure out how to do that with the SPI display.

    I will say... I'm still generally unsatisfied with these photos, the quality specifically. I still have to get one of the "real lens" adapters and use a real camera lens to see if that helps but it may just be the sensor too. My specific use case is putting my photos on my 32" 1440P ultrawide monitor and the photos on there now are from 16MP, 24MP and 42MP cameras... and real glass so not fair but yeah.

  • Profesh

    Jacob David C Cunningham04/10/2024 at 00:48 0 comments

    Got some decent shots, only used the Arducam 8-50mm. I did buy a second 16mm telephoto lens to see if the crazy highlights are just how the lens are or if I got a bad one. That's still being shipped.

    I think these two were the best shot of the day though

    Full res links

    OMG... it's intercepting the links and embedding them

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