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A project log for Modular Pi Cam

A Raspberry Pi based camera that can swap body parts and camera modules

jacob-david-c-cunninghamJacob David C Cunningham 03/04/2024 at 05:590 Comments

I designed a quick front plate for the V3 camera module

I had to use the "oops, burn it with soldering iron tip" technique to modify the camera mount

Yeah... this auto focus will have to get fixed because you can't predict where it will be... so I'll probably just focus it to infinity... I have to see

Also the distortion is nuts on this camera like the edges...

Look at that... holy cow haha, my blinds are not curved, that's the top left of a frame

Oh man... it looks to be related to how close it is...

Here is a portion of my ceiling taken idk 5-10 ft away

Then here is the ceiling when it is 10-20 ft away

This is definitely not a quantitative analysis and I have to take it outside to see if it will work as a landscape camera

I also want to see how it looks in good lighting eg. blue sky, no clouds, green day

I will say at this time I have not modified any code so this is just some stock profile/take photo via picam2

I need to dig into the manual/settings and figure out what I can do with this camera

Some discussion here