A project log for Modular Pi Cam

A Raspberry Pi based camera that can swap body parts and camera modules

jacob-david-c-cunninghamJacob David C Cunningham 03/24/2024 at 03:400 Comments

I realized the switch was in the wrong place, so I had to crack it open and change that.

So the switch is on the output between BMS out and DC in vs. between battery and BMS.

Anyway I will work on the zoom code next then add in the camera detection/overlay then take it out sometime next week probably Wednesday least crappy day that I have off weather wise.

Will have to work on Pelicam but I have to sit down and think for that one.

The brief experience so far of changing from the 128x128 OLED to 240x320 LCD (portrait) showed how difficult it is to make a multi-hardware camera interface.

Tomorrow I'll design the lens wrappers around the 16mm blue ring lens. I was thinking about adding an RFID to them so I could tell in code which lens was attached. Not something I'll do anytime soon.

At the very least I'm going to see if there is a way to add notches to tell f-stop but probably won't be a thing... just use live preview out to check if image looks good.