A bad day

A project log for Modular Pi Cam

A Raspberry Pi based camera that can swap body parts and camera modules

jacob-david-c-cunninghamJacob David C Cunningham 03/27/2024 at 23:590 Comments

Bad code man... also I picked up a nail in my car tire at the park... great

Really bad... almost none of the pictures saved... oh man

I wonder what it is... I guess I should have tested it more

21 photos failed out of 25 damn that's bad

But I got some cool pics of the body on a a rock

Oh man...

The only thing that worked is the video mode

I don't want to say it but I should not have gone out today damn

I did notice that after the photo was taken the preivew was not resuming

Here it is with a wide angle v3 module

I am not joking when I say almost all the images fail... something is seriously wrong with this code, I made too many modifications at once.

The ones that saved were bad. The red buds are coming out though. I took photos of that and those also failed lol damn.

You can tell which lens took this (16mm), due to the nasty highlights

The flat tire

Working on a video though it's mostly external footage other than the onboard video that did save. Nothing crazy probably ugly panning 720p shots