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A Raspberry Pi based camera that can swap body parts and camera modules

jacob-david-c-cunninghamJacob David C Cunningham 04/14/2024 at 01:250 Comments

So I went out and used this thing as I normally would with any other camera (Nex 5n, A7 II or A7R III). I'm not a professional photographer, I just like going to the park and shooting macro.

Can see I shot 72 images or tried to some failed.

Today was spurred on by my investigation/comparison of two 16mm telephoto (blue ring) lenses to see if I got a bad batch (first one) or if this is how they are (bad bokeh/highlight at low aperture).

As far as how many I consider good/came out... let's see.

I also want to note, the auto light/color balance was not good sometimes... if I was looking towards the sun it would get so dark all the colors would be lost eg. green grass. Which I know that is a thing but still.

First impressions of photos...

F1.8 is pretty soft for some reason, 2.8 is good

Bee midflight

1.4 or that area blooming?

Heron on a tree, I didn't have the reach sadly

This one's cool

This one's nice


The issue is not as prominent here so I think this lens is better

Last pic

Here's a bonus video

I shoot these blind (no live preview) because I have to figure out how to do that with the SPI display.

I will say... I'm still generally unsatisfied with these photos, the quality specifically. I still have to get one of the "real lens" adapters and use a real camera lens to see if that helps but it may just be the sensor too. My specific use case is putting my photos on my 32" 1440P ultrawide monitor and the photos on there now are from 16MP, 24MP and 42MP cameras... and real glass so not fair but yeah.