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    Our initial task was to design this project, which was made possible by a 3D model of the Xbox Controller.

    The controller would be held up by its two handles on a base that would house an RGB driver PCB, according to my design.

    In order to create the controller holder in the main holder body, we first chose the XBOX controller's face and selected the surface of the holder using the offset tool in the surface environment. Next, we create a holder body using the thicken command that is precisely the right size for supporting the controller from both handles.

    We modeled the center section around the newly constructed holder body, and the result is a beautiful base that houses the circuit in the center, the battery at the bottom, and the Xbox Controller at the top.

    The end product is a nice base that holds the Xbox Controller at the top, the battery at the bottom, and the circuit in the center. We designed the center section around the newly built holder body.

    At last, we added a stand on the back side of the main holder body to add extra protection for keeping the XBOX Controller in its place.

    After the model was complete, we exported the mesh files and used a 0.4mm nozzle with 20% infill to 3D print it in white and glass yellow PLA.

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    The circuit that followed was made up primarily of 15 WS2812 RGB LEDs linked to an XIAO microcontroller. We have integrated the IP5306 IC Setup, a power management integrated circuit that is frequently used in power bank applications.

    In these applications, we have one or more 3.7V lithium-ion cells that provide a stable 5V output with low- and high-cut capabilities as well as battery charging capabilities.

    I have used this setup in many of of my previous projects, which you can checkout here:




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    Seeed Fusion Service

    After finalizing the PCB and generating its Gerber data, I sent it to SEEED Studio for samples.

    The PCB was ordered in a white solder mask with black silkscreen.

    PCBs were received in a week, and their quality was super good considering the rate, which was also pretty low.

    Seeed Fusion PCB Service offers one-stop prototyping for PCB manufacture and PCB assembly, and as a result, they produce superior-quality PCBs and fast turnkey PCBAs within 7 working days.

    Seeed Studio Fusion PCB Assembly Service takes care of the entire fabrication process, from Seeed Studio Fusion Agile manufacturing and hardware customization to parts sourcing, assembly, and testing services, so you can be sure that they are getting a quality product.

    After gauging market interest and verifying a working prototype, Seeed Propagate Service can help you bring the product to market with professional guidance and a strong network of connections.

    Next is the PCB assembly process.