Decision on the Sensors

A project log for Automated Rabbit Hutch Door

Herding rabbits made easier through technology

crjedercrjeder 03/04/2024 at 09:200 Comments

As mentioned in the last log, Thermopile matrix sensors sound like a very promising idea so did a short search wich ones would be available (see table below). But the would require at least some kind of image recognition which makes them complex to use. The more viable  option are integrated gesture sensors which provide motion information directly on the IC2 bus (bottom of the table)

SensorTypeapprox. Price
Grid Eye amg88338 x 8 Thermopile matrix40 €
Omron D6T-1a1 x 1 Thermopile "matrix"19 €
Omron D6T-8L-091 x 8 Thermopile matrix36 €
Omron D6T-44L-064 x 4 Thermopile matrix40 €
MLX9064032 x 32 Thermopile matrix90 €
MLX9064116 x 12 Thermopile matrix63 €
MLX9062116 x 4 Thermopile matrix75 €
APDS-9960optical gesture4 €
PAJ7620U2optical gesture6,5 €

To start with the Project, I ordered the gesture sensors (the last two) from the table. More updates, when I have  received them.