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A project log for Automated Rabbit Hutch Door

Herding rabbits made easier through technology

crjedercrjeder 03/28/2024 at 19:400 Comments

Since in the previous log I've decided to replace the electronics now I need to piece it together. I will need:


While not strictly necessary to accomplish the task, the optional features are highly desirable and for some it would only count as smart home if wireless comms and some LEDs are part of the project :-)

The great ESPHome directly supports the ADPS-9960 gesture sensor, therefore the decision on those components is easy.

To trigger the closing of the door a RTC or an ambient light sensor would be needed. The gesture sensor features an ambient light sensors, maybe it can be used, too. Instead of a RTC a ntp synchronized clock would suffice.

For the motor driver, display and the switches I'll use what I find in my parts drawer.