• expansion log II

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    I most time make log when I have less time I add some details what I don t say last time first thing sensor massive dont have one output there has 10 outputs new version must be 100 outputs new sensor I think made of film and have some micrometres layers and i get got idea how connect smaller to mm outputs to make one output of course I use smaller gauges copper wire and less heat .I but in to referring sources  video and hackaday link https://hackaday.com/2024/02/21/led-matrix-earrings-show-off-smd-skills/ 

  • log I

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    my first version of that log just get lost MRI first version have both max 0,5Tm two pairs coils i use Maxwell and Helmholtz coils what use to solve some problems to magnetic field Helmholtz and Maxwell coils have coil turns Helmholtz coils turns is same and Maxwell have that number R have Helmholtz coils turns number sensor have idea I get  to one hackaday.io project link https://hackaday.io/project/5030-low-field-mr

     there have magnetic camera module making idea what i use Fe80Ni20 metal alloy to make sensor thank Peeter Jansen and then i have problem how amplify signal but that have in log II.

  • log II

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    version I what i made have 1X200 sensors. sensors have just stripes of metal  Fe80Ni20 alloy sensors have contacted to that way ++/--

    that makes magnetic waves make higher to high points and lower to low points of waves and noise just stay or cancel itsely and if use some filter can remove huge part of noise.Im don´t but to picture that main reason have I don´t like to post prototypes pictures come to then when project is ended. now have one main problem that homogeneity not to good.I use coils but I think there have more problem to resolution idea what I come  have simple two coils one switch work all time other is on or off one magneto meters made device  gyroscope measure  what measure magnetic field directions colis have max 0,5Tm. version II I think use 100X100 sensor massive similar coils and do that all smaller and senor must be able to move itsely