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A project log for Pocketbone KiCAD

Smalls mint tin sized BeagleBone (KiCAD version)

michael-wellingMichael Welling 04/20/2017 at 23:580 Comments

So if you haven't read it elsewhere already, I successfully as assembled one PocketBone unit last night.

The guys at @oshpark did a write up so I don't have to ... but I will anyways. :)

The custom vacuum SMT pickup tool arrived special order from David Anders (prpplague) @Dave's Dev Lab.

It allowed me to pickup tools with the greatest of ease.

Paste was applied using the nice steel stencil from OSH stencils. Notice the nice clean release.

Next I slowly and carefully placed the components.

Here is the final placement before throwing it in the oven.

I used a basic toaster oven with a Reflowster controller attached.

Sorry for the poor quality of the video. I will be trying to make a better video this weekend.

Here is the finished board in all of its glory. It boots! \o/