thingSoC Water Sensor

A passive water sensor than includes a breakout connector for a second sensor or an actuator

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The TSOC_WaterSensor is a simple passive water sensor with Grove Connectors, in an Embedded Module format for the new thingSoC, Internet of Things open standard. It includes a second breakout connector for an additional sensor (Temperature/Humidity) or an actuator (Relay/Mosfet).

The thingSoC Water Sensor is a simple passive water detector board that is used to sense the presence of water in an area (i.e. your basement) or a container (pet watering bowl). Depending on whether you use positive logic (water present) or negative logic (water absent), you can use the second connector to activate a relay to pump water out (of your basement) or in (to your pet's water bowl).

It 's a very simple design, alternating strips of circuit board are connected to sensor elements and to ground. When water is present the level of the sensor will change from high (pulled up by a one million ohm resistor) to low.

The connectors are compatible with the Seeedstudio Grove System , and will work with most microprocessor systems. Example programs for the Arduino IDE are included in the Examples section of the Github repository

Example Sketches for the Arduino IDE

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    Step 1

    1) The circuit board is very simple and only uses two different components, two (2) Grove connectors and a single 1 Million Ohm resistor (0603). Solder these components on the board, and you're done!

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    Step 2

    2) If you prefer to use your own wiring, there are a separate set of holes available for directly soldering wires to the board.

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oshpark wrote 01/19/2017 at 22:35 point

Nice project.  Will come in handy when all the PDX snow melts :)

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