A project log for Calculators

Exploration of calculators, their emulation, mechanical aspects such as pretty buttons and quirky displays

svofskisvofski 02/28/2024 at 12:343 Comments

IVEE, a FORTH-based Arduino calculator is a mostly completed project. It is based on IVEE by zooxo. Kudos to zooxo for designing this beauty and making it public. Please visit his repository, give it a star and watch his video explaining the features of this calculator. It's inner beauty is hard to appreciate without some deep diving in.

My contribution here is purely aesthetical and mechanical. I designed a carrier PCB with cute buttons and a means of packing it together in one sandwich. I made a bunch of mistakes which I hope to avoid in the future, but nothing serious. Things that you can't avoid when designing things based on incomplete technical drawings.

Buttons on a frame, printed in resin. The engravings are added as displacement in Blender with very high mesh subdivision level. They are then filled in with water based gouache paint (not acrylic!) and subsequently fixed with several layers of transparent acrylic spray.

buttons frame

Buttons with top cover assembly. The legends are designed to be recessed by leaving out copper and mask layers, this creates trenches deep enough to fill them in with gouache paint. Also fixed with acrylic spray.

buttons with the top plate

The dome switches SKRRAAE010. The whole thing didn't work quite as planned because of incorrectly accounted for the height of the display assembly. I added a second layer of buttons as spacers, luckily I printed several.

dome switches SKRRAAE010

The bottom side of the buttons have little push pimples that are supposed to be perfectly aligned with dome centres. The reality is such that the pimples need to be larger and higher than I designed them. Eventually I was able to align the buttons with the domes, but it was incredibly fiddly.

smol pushrods

The design files are in this repo:

I describe the project in the video, please watch and comment. Hope you like it.

This calculator still needs a battery to be actually useful. Soon.


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s wrote 03/01/2024 at 13:47 point

None of the pictures load for me :/

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svofski wrote 03/01/2024 at 20:33 point

I'm sorry about that. is weird with the pictures and I have no idea how to fix that, but I hope they'll get their act together soon.

Meanwhile, all the relevant stuff is on github and in the video, so please check that out.

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